Source and repair roof leaks

TP Roofing use only the highest quality roofing materials.

TP Roofing - Tile roof repair before and after by TP Roofing

Tile roof repair to fix roof leakage by TP Roofing

Great detective work is needed to fix mysterious roof leaks. Trent Faulkner, owner of TP Roofing personally carries out every initial inspection to determine the cause of your roof leakage. Trent will firstly inspect the roof leak, water stains and mould on your ceilings internally, he will then access the roof externally to trace the cause of moisture penetration and water entry. Water travels, the point of water entry can be several meters away from where the roof leak is. TP Roofing's quotes clearly outline what needs to be done to fix your roof at a specified price.

With over 25 years' experience in finding and fixing leaking roofs we guarantee you will receive expert advice and quality workmanship by our fully insured tradesmen. Licensed in roof tiling and roof plumbing and with extensive experience on slate roofs TP Roofing specialize in quality roof repairs delivering the best possible roofing solution for your roofing needs at an affordable price.